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What is Navya's goal? What has Navya done to accomplish it?

Navya’s goal is for everyone with cancer to have easy access to an affordable consensus expert opinion. We want to empower as many cancer patients as possible with the knowledge of which treatment is right for their unique diagnosis, preferences, and constraints.

To achieve this goal, we develop services that combine a compassionate, personal touch with innovative machine learning solutions. For patients and their caregivers, Navya has developed the Expert Opinion Service, an end-to-end solution which connects patients to world leading experts, and gives those experts the tools to collaborate to find the most applicable treatment option in 24 hours. We offer personal guidance at every step of the way, and create reports written in language that is clear and understandable for patients, and actionable for doctors.

We also offer a point of care product, the ExpertApp, for oncologists to use in clinical settings to find evidence-based, applicable treatments for their patients at the click of a button. Experts can use this to search published clinical trials that uniquely match their patient.

At the heart of both of these services is our patented Evidence and Experience Engines. These clinical informatics and machine learning based technology systems consolidate clinical trials, international guidelines, and expert experience to find the best treatment for a patient’s unique case. These engines continuously capture and learn from treatment decisions made by tumor boards and patient outcomes at tertiary centers to become more reliable over time.

By combining pioneering technology with empathy and compassion, we hope to empower cancer patients worldwide.

How do you know Navya works? How do you measure your impact?

We know Navya’s expert system works because its recommendations agree with the best specialists in the world. A retrospective trial of Navya’s Evidence Engine and Guidelines Engine revealed that Navya Expert System decisions are 98.6% concordant with the decisions of tumor boards and expert oncologists at Tata Memorial Centre and UCLA-Olive View Medical Center. Navya has received three patents for this innovation. Navya has also been privileged to present its work at many world renowned scientific conferences.

Since 2014, when the Expert Opinion Service was launched, we have provided treatment recommendations to over 50,000 patients from 74 countries. In many of these cases, patients changed a suboptimal treatment to one that offered better outcomes based on the expert opinion. In other cases, experts helped patients avoid treatments that were unnecessarily expensive. In others, any potential benefit of therapy would be far outweighed by its side effects. Because Navya is unbiased, we can prioritize patients’ quality of life, especially in cases where evidence does not clearly indicate further aggressive therapies will improve longevity.

We measure our success not only by how many patients access our service, but also by how many take our recommendations to their doctors. A recent internal study, presented to ASCO in 2017, revealed that 74% of patients felt confident to share their Navya Expert Opinion Report with their doctors, and that 75% of Navya’s treatments were the final treatments which patients followed. The vast majority of reasons why treatments were changed were due to insufficient testing, and a rapid decline in ECOG status, factors which are not possible to control through an online service.

Is Navya’s business model sustainable and scalable? How?

Navya’s business model is sustainable and scalable due to its emphasis on technology and innovation. Navya’s machine learning technology greatly reduces the operations cost of our online healthcare service.

Our evidence and experience engines produce highly structured case summaries that allow experts to review cases in a matter of minutes in our ExpertApp. Because this process is so efficient, experts from NCG and TMC are willing to do this work pro bono. In fact, all experts at TMC answer cases for our Expert Opinion Service, as has been the case since 2010.

Our ExpertApp also cuts out all of the logistical difficulties needed for experts to collaborate. By enabling asynchronous communication between experts reviewing a case, experts do not need to incur the time and expense of scheduling phone calls or booking travel.

Currently, the Expert Opinion Service is financed by a processing fee of Rs. 10,030.00 (inclusive of taxes) per case for patients in India, and $200.00 for international patients. These funds are used to cover the costs of collecting a patient’s medical reports, entering data, and writing the personalized expert opinion report, answering every question and follow-up question at that decision point that the patient asks.

Thanks to support from Tata Memorial Centre, we are able to keep our service affordable for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Currently, the processing fee cross subsidizes the category of patients who do not qualify for BPL, but cannot afford the service’s full price, allowing them to access the Expert Opinion Service at Rs. 1500. If patients are Below Poverty Line (BPL), they can upload their BPL card and we will process the case free of charge.

Our Products

What products and services does Navya offer? Who are these targeted towards?

Navya offers three online services, the Expert Opinion Service, the ExpertApp, and Case Based Search.

The Expert Opinion Service is targeted towards patients, their caregivers, and their treating physicians. It is an end-to-end solution that connects patients to the world’s best organ specific cancer specialists. It delivers a personalized, actionable treatment recommendation to patients in 24 hours. For more information, please see For Patients.

Navya’s ExpertApp and Case Based Search are tailored specifically towards oncologists and hospitals. They give oncologists the access to all the power of Navya’s evidence and experience engines as a resource, so that they can search patients’ cases at the click of a button. For more information, see For Providers.

How does Navya protect patient data?

Navya stores patient data on a virtual private cloud in compliance with local and international standards. We do not disclose any identifying information without patients' explicit consent. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.


Which organizations can work with Navya and how can they collaborate?

Many different organizations can partner with Navya. Partnerships allow an organization’s patients to access Navya using tailored payment options, and allow Navya to reach a broader number of patients. Navya has partnered with organizations which include insurance companies, hospitals, and NGOs to give their clients easy access to our Expert Opinion Service.

When partnering with insurance companies, Navya allows for payment integration, allowing patients to apply their insurance coverage directly in our payment gateway.

Hospitals which partner with Navya allow their experts to collaborate with specialists at other hospitals using Navya’s quick, asynchronous communication. Hospitals can also use the Navya Expert System as a hands-on tool to train new oncologists. For more information, see For Providers.

Navya partners with NGOs to extend its reach. These partnerships allow us to reach cancer patients regardless of their geographic location or ability to understand medical information. NGOs can also help Navya lower its processing fees for patients below the poverty line.

What organizations is Navya partnered with already?

Please click here to learn more about Navya’s partners.